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  • P.O BOX 481, Arua City-Uganda, Weatherhead Lane Odaa - Plot 16 Block Awudele Road.
  • +256 393 238 163

Project Details

Project Name: Increasing Access to HIV Care and Treatment Services in Arua City

Core Program Area: Community Health

Project Donor: TASO

Project Period: 2022-2023

Project location: Arua City

Project Summary:

The proposed project objectives are in line with the Uganda National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan (NSP) 2015/16 – 2019/20 objectives that include HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment, social support and protection. A key area of focus for this Plan is to increase enrollment, early initiation, and better retention in chronic HIV care.

Strategic objectives

·         To identify and initiate 30 new HIV positive clients on ART in Arua Central Division by November 2022.

·         To improve adherence to treatment by following lost clients in Arua Central Division by November 2022.

Mon 29 May 2023