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Project Details

Project Name: Strengthening, Protection and Economic Empowerment (SUPREME) in Uganda

Core Program Area: Resilient Livelihood

Project Donor: European Union, Project Period: 2022-2023.

Project location: Obongi (Palorinya and Metu Sub counties) and Moyo Districts (Moyo and Lefori Sub counties) in West Nile sub-region of Uganda.

Project Summary:

The project’s overall outcome is to increase access to decent employment and economic opportunities for refugees and host communities.

The project works to enhance financial inclusion and social cohesion through a proven group-based approach called Savings & Development Clusters (SDCs). (Output 1) Establishing functioning SDCs will activate, enable and motivate member households to engage in economic development activities. They act as powerful accountability mechanisms with proven success. The SDCs are also engaged in the successfully-establishing Enabling Rural Innovation (ERI) process to support the realisation of their economic potential and create realistic achievement plans (Output 2). Simultaneously, through ERI they will take steps towards higher economic engagement, through the creation of market linkages and economic stimulus. The ERI process will continue to build the financial inclusion of SDCs, most notably through the option of receiving micro-loans from existing microfinance institutions in Uganda. The ERI process will also continue to build social cohesion and women’s empowerment within SDCs.

Wed 14 Jun 2023