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Project Details

Project Name: Strengthening Resilience and Improving Livelihood of Refugees and Their Host Communities of Lobule and Palorinya Settlement (SRILL) Project.

Core Program Area: Community Health

Project Donor: AWO International

Project Period: 2023-2025

Project location: Koboko and Obongi - Lobule & Palorinya Refugee Settlements and their host communities

Project Summary:

This project is designed to address the problem of food and income insecurity, malnutrition and climate change in Lobule and Palorinya refugee settlements and host communities.

The project’s overall goal is; Refugees and Host community in Lobule and Palorinya settlements have improved food and income security, nutrition and climate resilience. The result areas include: food security and nutrition (Result Area 1), Climate Resilience (Result Area 2), Income Security (Result Area 3) and Advocacy (Result Area 4)

Under this project, RICE West Nile is working with three main social structures namely: Savings and Development clusters (SDCs), Baba and Mama Groups (B&M groups) and Adolescent Skills Networks (ASKNETs). Other community structures created include the Community based trainers who are based within the communities to support and train the social structures together with RICE West Nile staff in the different aspects of the project.

Project Target Group:

·         1,050 (350 per year): These include refugees, subsistence farmers in the host communities, persons with disability and widows. They are addressed as SDCs members of social structure and they are registered as a formal group at the sub county level. These members are grouped into 30 people and they are supported to establish a demonstration at group level, they are provided with Agric inputs per group after they select at least three enterprises per group to be developed for food security as well as income security.

·         50 youths (50HH): These are young out of formal school adolescent girls and boys aged 12-17yrs in the refugee and host community areas. They are formed into a social structure and registered as Adolescent networks (ASKNETs). They will Benefit from startup kits from vocational school training to start generating income and promoting SRHR.

·         120 (60HH): Mothers, fathers and caregivers from refugees and host community members (inclusion and vulnerable groups PWDs and widows). Baba and Mama groups. These are caretakers of children who will be promoting nutrition in the community. They are formed into a social structure and registered at the sub county as well.

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