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Project Details

Project Name: Strengthening Community Resilience for Refugees and Host Populations (SCOREP)

Core Program Area: Community Health

Project Donor: AMREF, Project Period: 2022-2023.

Project location: Terego and Madi-Okolo Districts

Project Target Population: The project is aimed at 8,794 direct beneficiaries (6970 refugees and 1824 host people), mostly refugees living in the villages of Ofua IV, Ofua V, Ofua VI and Omugo VI in the districts of Terego and Madi-Okolo (Upper and Lower Madi ). According to Amref's experience in managing the Ofua health facility, approximately 20% of the host community accesses health services from facilities located within the refugee settlement. These include the host communities of the villages of Wanguru, Ocea, Amuru, Siripi and Sinya.

Project Summary:

The initiative, through an integrated and multisectoral approach, addresses the key challenges affecting the refugee and host populations of the districts of Terego and Madi-Okolo (Upper & Lower Madi), in the fields of health, nutrition, water and hygiene. It is aimed primarily at women, girls and children <5 years, increasing their awareness (through a gender perspective across all activities) and activating their participation. The intervention proposed here takes advantage of the in-depth knowledge gained by Amref in the area and the wealth of relationships built with all the stakeholders to carry out a health intervention to support 22 government health structures operating in the area to strengthen the supply of health services aimed at to the most vulnerable groups (women and children <5 years of age, disabled people). RICE West Nile systematize the long and recognized experience on community health, empowerment and defense of human rights. Amref, which is part of the National COVID 19 Response Task Force in Uganda, intends to contribute to strengthening the pandemic response mechanism both at the health facility level and at the community level.

General objective: Contribute to the improvement of the living and health conditions of refugees and host communities, in line with the Humanitarian-Development Nexus approach, in the districts of Terego and Madi-Okolo (Uganda) by 2024.

Specific objective: Improve the health, hygiene and nutritional conditions of refugee and host communities in the districts of Terego and Madi-Okolo (Upper and Lower Madi) with particular attention to women and children <5 years.

Wed 14 Jun 2023