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  • P.O BOX 481, Arua City-Uganda, Weatherhead Lane Odaa - Plot 16 Block Awudele Road.
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Project Details

Project Name: Promoting Malaria Prevention and Control in Manibe Sub-County

Core Program Area: Community Health

Project Donor: TASO

Project Period: 2022-2023

Project location: Manibe Sub county Arua District

GOAL: To contribute to Malaria Prevalence rate reduction in Manibe Sub County from 61% to 59% by November 2022

Objective 1:  To Create awareness on Malaria Prevention and Control in Manibe Sub County by November 2022.

Objective 2:  To promote correct malaria prevention and management practices in 20 villages in Manibe Sub county by November 2022

Objective 3:  To build the capacity of the Community leaders and VHTs in Manibe Sub County to be able to identify and refer Malaria cases for better management by November 2022.

Wed 14 Jun 2023